About Raspberry

Founded in 2012, Raspberry had a humble start with gigantic dreams. The mission that we envisioned was to be the trendsetters in the social entrepreneurial circle. Being young entrepreneurs was certainly a big challenge in our country but we were lucky to have found some amazing clients! We thank them for their trust.

Today, Raspberry Group is a proud firm that holds some of the most creative young minds in the market. From part-time to project interns to full-time Raspberrians, we involve the best of the best for YOUR operational needs. All you need to run your business & be a part of the buzz-feed is to talk to ONE man, your account manager.

Group of Companies

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Travel & Tour

Whether you are travelling domestic or international, vocations or business; we have you covered!

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Raspberry Studios (HD)

From Jingles to OST, our audio productions are one of the finest in Pakistan and abroad. The video production covers company profiles, TV commercials & even music videos.

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Raspberry Leather

Ordering corporate giveaways was never so easy. We are here to help you choose the best product at the best possible price.

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Raspberry Webber

Be it a simple informative website or an interactive one, our team has developers who can surely fulfill all your business needs. Our company specializes in Social Media management & social media campaigning!

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Raspberry Events & PR

The fastest growing PR agency in Karachi is bound to offer you the best there is! You success makes us look better; & who doesn’t want to look good? For all your launches & PR needs, contact us!

Our Clientele


If you'd like to discuss a digital project with one of our team, drop us a line on
+92 21-35248698 – 99 or email info@raspberry.com.pk

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